Nourish Natural Health Food Store is a mother/daughter owned and operated store in Warman, SK.  We are passionate about health and wellness and believe that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you.  Our mission is to help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle, while still enjoying delicious and nutritious foods.  "Nourishing from the Inside Out"

A testimonial from co-owner Jessica Scollo:

"This is my story - I suffered from eczema, asthma, seasonal allergies and food allergies since I was a baby.  Eczema was the biggest issue, as I was covered with red, itchy skin from head to toe with no way of getting rid of it.  My parents tried everything from prescription cortisone creams, visits to many specialists, light therapy at the hospital, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  By the time I was 18, I was taking my inhaler for asthma six times on a good day, I was on multiple prescription pills to help control my asthma and allergies, I was slathering on three different cortisone creams many times a day and I was still red, itchy and felt awful.  About a year later, I started noticing that when I ate certain things, my eczema would immediately flare up and I would start getting really itchy.  This was my "A-HA" moment!  I made the connection between my diet and how it was making me feel.  I started experimenting with my foods and eliminating the ones that made me flare up.  After much trial and error - I am now only taking my inhaler once a day and although I still use prescription steroid creams, my eczema flare ups are much easier to control.  I am now a huge believer and supporter of pure, natural unprocessed foods.  I wanted to learn more about nutrition, share my love of health and wellness and help other people, so I started studying Natural Nutrition this past year and I am so excited to share all of the amazing benefits of our products with you! "

- Jessica Scollo