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I'm always more than happy to answer any questions you might have.  Please use the intake form below to chat with me and don't forget to follow along on Facebook (The Nourished Mama) and Instagram (@thenourished.mama) for daily stories, recipes, meal preps & general mom-life chaos:

Foundation #1 - Nutrition 101:  ​​Having basic knowledge of the food your child is eating is invaluable.  Before we can learn how to build them a balanced plate, we need to learn what that is and what that looks like.  Please know that absolutely no part of this Program is designed to make you feel guilty or make you feel pressured that your child should be eating "perfectly" balanced meals all day everyday.   We're all simply doing the best we can and knowledge is important.  This is what we'll go through in the first Foundation.

Foundation #2 - The Environment:  ​Our child's environment surrounding mealtimes is incredibly important to their success during that meal.  In this Foundation, we'll learn about normal age-appropriate eating behaviours, meal time routine, the highchair to table transition, role modelling and how to enjoy eating as a family including troubleshooting.

Foundation #3 - Creating Meals:  In this Foundation, we'll learn about the Division of Responsibility to make mealtimes EASY, end meal time battles,  how to approach treats & sweets, food presentation, encouraging participation in the kitchen,  developing a healthy relationship with food, the role that choices play and more.

Foundation #4 - The Meal:  ​In this Foundation, we'll learn how to introduce new foods with success, my 4 step system with how to deal with Food Rejection and more.

This Programs ultimate focus is to help make mealtimes easier.  We cover all the tough topics, like getting up and down from the table, introducing new foods, "picky eating",  food rejection and so much more.

The Nourished Toddler is an EBook Program designed for children ages 1-6 and can be implemented at any stage that you're at with your child's nutrition.  I take you through my 4 Foundations for succesful, less stressful Meal Times (yes, it's possible!)

What's All Included?

*While I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I am not your child's personal nutritionist or health care provider.  All information provided in this program is for educational purposes and inspiration only and might not apply to your child's specific situation or health needs.  The ideas, information and suggestions in this guide do not substitute the advise of your own personal health care provider or paediatrician.  Any health concerns or conditions should be discussed with your child's own health care practioner and this program is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases or conditions.  Always check with your own doctor first before making any changes to your child's diet or supplementation routine.  Jessica Scollo R.H.N  & Nourish Natural Health Food Store LTD do not accept responsibility for any action or claim resulting from the use of information contained in this program.  We are all unique and what works for one, may not work for another person.  Consulting with your child's doctor can help you with customized recommendations tailored to your child and your specific requests.

Please note, no returns or refunds are accepted with the purchase of this program.